Bread and brownies for Thanksgiving


I was having trouble deciding what to bring for Thanksgiving @ my in-laws’; there were just too many tasty things I wanted to make and it was tough to narrow it down to one item.  I couldn’t choose between making an appetizer/side dish or a dessert so on Wednesday morning (just before Vin’s nephew #3 […]

PCP and macarons


This past weekend we went upstate to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with my extended family and Katie and her cute babies (traveling next weekend would have been hellish so the off-holiday party was a brilliant idea).  My little brother (I made a Pikachu cake for his graduation) is obsessed with pie for some reason, so […]

Carrot cake cupcakes


A repeat customer requested carrot cake cupcakes for this weekend.  I used to not like eating carrot cake at all, but I guess that’s because most of the carrot cakes I’ve had from stores or restaurants were too dry or too sweet or too SOMETHING.  Since I started baking things from scratch, I’ve made carrot […]

Checkerboard birthday cake


This is one way of killing two birds with one stone… giving your parents an awesome birthday present and giving me business @ the same time.  hahaha  My friend Danny wanted to order a birthday cake for his parents (what a sweet son he is!) and was open to any ideas. So I asked what […]

Pineapple upside down cakes… take two!


 A friend heard that I made pineapple upside down cakes in cupcake form and placed an order for a dozen.  Now, I can’t just make 12 cupcakes.  It’s like… only performing a third of a classical masterpiece such as, say…  “Liebestraume” and leaving it at that.  Nooo… I made extra batter, more caramel and opened […]