Pineapple upside down cakes… take two!

 A friend heard that I made pineapple upside down cakes in cupcake form and placed an order for a dozen.  Now, I can’t just make 12 cupcakes.  It’s like… only performing a third of a classical masterpiece such as, say…  “Liebestraume” and leaving it at that.  Nooo… I made extra batter, more caramel and opened another can of pineapple slices.  Plus, I wanted to try out a few of the new pans I just bought.  By the time I was done with the oven, I had made 12 regular sized pineapple cupcakes, 12 mini pineapple cupcakes, 8 mini rectangular pineapple cake loaves, 12 square pineapple cupcakes and for sh*ts and giggles, a legit 9″ pineapple upside down cake.  All of which I had to carefully flip over, and I’m quite proud of myself because nothing stuck or broke apart. (The first time I made upside down cake a few months ago … I wasn’t as successful, and mind you, mini pineapple cupcakes are friggin’ delicate.)  I had Vin try one of the mini pineapple cake bites and we split a mini loaf…  they were awesome!  I admit that I would have liked to put more coconut flavoring and powder in, but I refrained, as my friend didn’t want too much coconut flavor in the cake and the customer is always right.  But like I said, they were still delicious and I got a message saying my friend already ate 3 of his 12 cupcakes within 30 minutes of delivery. And that he couldn’t stop.  I mean, I can’t prevent you from having more than one, but it ain’t my fault if you get sick from eating too many of my cupcakes!  =)

P.S.    My new cake pans!  –>

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