Domo-kun: "Otanjoubi omedetou!" *

*”Happy birthday” in Japanese I had a fantastic birthday weekend… more like birthday WEEK.  Vin took me on a long-awaited, much needed vacation to Riviera Maya and we ate/drank/got crazy tan lines while everyone else was dealing with a snowstorm in the Northeast.  Then we come back to NY and had a whole smoked pigContinue reading “Domo-kun: "Otanjoubi omedetou!" *”

Holiday leftover bake-a-thon

Thank goodness Christmas is done and over with!  I was on a baking binge for the past week.  I just couldn’t stop making SOMETHING and I made almost one item a day.  Insane!  I feel like confectioner’s sugar, flour, and butter are seeping out of my pores.  I think I need to detox now.  Continue reading “Holiday leftover bake-a-thon”

Chocolate holiday cupcakes, part deux

It’s 4 am.  Why no, I haven’t slept yet.  This is the second night in a row I’ve been up past 2.  Part of me wonders if it’s worth it to even “nap” since I have to get up in about 90 minutes to get ready for work because I don’t feel that tired @Continue reading “Chocolate holiday cupcakes, part deux”

Chocolate cupcakes, as far as the eye can see…

  I had overly ambitious plans for myself this weekend: chocolate cupcakes for an order for a Christmas party and to bring in to work, macarons, crème brûlée, and I really wanted to make an edible Christmas tree out of frosting.  Not a big one, maybe 5-6″ or so.  I know, pretty modest dreams, right?  Continue reading “Chocolate cupcakes, as far as the eye can see…”

Bread and brownies for Thanksgiving

I was having trouble deciding what to bring for Thanksgiving @ my in-laws’; there were just too many tasty things I wanted to make and it was tough to narrow it down to one item.  I couldn’t choose between making an appetizer/side dish or a dessert so on Wednesday morning (just before Vin’s nephew #3Continue reading “Bread and brownies for Thanksgiving”

PCP and macarons

This past weekend we went upstate to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with my extended family and Katie and her cute babies (traveling next weekend would have been hellish so the off-holiday party was a brilliant idea).  My little brother (I made a Pikachu cake for his graduation) is obsessed with pie for some reason, soContinue reading “PCP and macarons”

Carrot cake cupcakes

A repeat customer requested carrot cake cupcakes for this weekend.  I used to not like eating carrot cake at all, but I guess that’s because most of the carrot cakes I’ve had from stores or restaurants were too dry or too sweet or too SOMETHING.  Since I started baking things from scratch, I’ve made carrotContinue reading “Carrot cake cupcakes”

Checkerboard birthday cake

This is one way of killing two birds with one stone… giving your parents an awesome birthday present and giving me business @ the same time.  hahaha  My friend Danny wanted to order a birthday cake for his parents (what a sweet son he is!) and was open to any ideas. So I asked whatContinue reading “Checkerboard birthday cake”

Bones & Blossoms & Boxes

I must have not been thinking straight last week because I took on a double order for Saturday.  During one of the most insane work weeks ever. While practically OD’ing on precautionary vitamins and supplements and even when I had the slightest tickle in my throat because I was surrounded by sniffling and sneezing andContinue reading “Bones & Blossoms & Boxes”

Velvet cupcakes

After a two week hiatus, I agreed to take on an order for red velvet cupcakes with chocolate frosting. These look more like muffins or almost chocolate cupcakes because I didn’t use red food coloring. (I admit, they look a little odd with the cake and icing being almost the same color.) Why is itContinue reading “Velvet cupcakes”