Seashells by the seashore…

After this weekend’s baking project, I wish I were on a nice beach instead of creating mini edible vacation scenes.  A friend of a friend is getting married and the theme of her bridal shower: her honeymoon in the Caribbean.  As soon as I heard that, I had the perfect idea in mind.  I suggestedContinue reading “Seashells by the seashore…”


The rose cupcakes actually weren’t what I originally had in mind.  I’m somewhat annoyed so just look @ the pictures while I quietly sulk about it.  All I’m gonna say is if the day ever comes that I can no longer make buttercream roses in my sleep, that’ll be the end of the world. NoteContinue reading “Meh”

Abstract art: Hello Kitty

It’s been a year since I started this so-called biz.  How do remember the date?  It’s been one year since I made custom Pinkalicious cupcakes for a coworker’s daughter’s birthday.  This year, Hello Kitty cupcakes were requested.  Due to time and budget constraints, I had to think about how to make some basic cupcakes thatContinue reading “Abstract art: Hello Kitty”

When pigs fly…

Labor Day weekend signifies the last weekend of summer, and most normal people spend it chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool being all lazy, but we were the anti-thesis of beach bum, BBQ-ing, beer guzzling couch potatoes.  We had just signed the papers to sell our house on Thursday, and we had people coming toContinue reading “When pigs fly…”

Somewhere over the rainbow…

(I had technical issues with my hard drive so this post is a week late.  As they say on Spartacus, “Apologies!”) Vin’s brother hit a milestone birthday and I knew I HAD to make something better than last year’s cake.  At the same time, I was crrrraaaazyyy busy with work and other events so I needed toContinue reading “Somewhere over the rainbow…”

Bridal shower bash

One of my girlfriends from college is getting hitched next month to one of the most thoughtful guys I’ve ever met and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them!  And M has always been super supportive of my baking and has been waiting to try a cupcake, so her bridal shower was theContinue reading “Bridal shower bash”

Babar & Tiny Tim go to this party…

Vin’s bro got married last year and he and his wife are expecting a little baby boy in a month.  They’ve decked out the baby’s bedroom in this nice yellow and got these cute elephant-related bedding and decor for little Timmy’s arrival.  Since their theme was quite obvious, I wanted to create cupcakes for myContinue reading “Babar & Tiny Tim go to this party…”

Quickie post: Lakers cupcakes

  One of my orders this past weekend was for LA Lakers-themed chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and player numbers in white fondant.  The frosting was a bit testy; cream cheese frosting is a little melty and soft to begin with, and the addition of food coloring made it a little more melty.  ThisContinue reading “Quickie post: Lakers cupcakes”

Happy Mother’s Day!

Last Mother’s Day I made two small vanilla cakes for Vin’s mom and decorated them with some of the first frosting roses I’ve ever made.  I remember one had chocolate frosting with pink roses cascading down the side, and the other had white vanilla frosting with lavender roses.  I didn’t take any pictures @ theContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Cheesecake cupcakes

  This past weekend was a roller coaster ride of emotions.  Up: Vin and I had our nice little romantic Valentine’s Day outing; Down: he got a migraine. Up: we both decided we wanted to move back to the city and had a realtor come to check out our house; Down: the housing market isContinue reading “Cheesecake cupcakes”