My first official order: 2 dozen custom Pinkalicious cupcakes for a coworker’s daughter’s class birthday. I didn’t even know what Pinkalicious was, but said yes I’d make them anyway. Upon googling, Pinkalicious is a series of kids books about a little girl that eats so many pink cupcakes that she turns pink. On the coverContinue reading “Pinkalicious”

Butterfly cupcakes

I made vanilla cupcakes with white and lavender vanilla frosting for my soon-to-be-sister-in-law’s bridal shower. The little butterflies are made of edible rice paper. Not my fanciest work, but the little cupcakes still looked cute.

Little Pat’s birthday

Vin’s nephew Patrick was born shortly after our wedding last year, and for his first birthday I wanted to bake something. Ice cream cone cupcakes seemed like a brilliant idea for a little boy’s birthday! Vanilla cake was baked inside and then I filled them with vanilla frosting. I made blue frosting and tried toContinue reading “Little Pat’s birthday”

Red velvet mania

One of my coworkers was leaving the company and I asked what kind of cake she’d like (I missed baking for her birthday so I felt extra bad), and she requested red velvet. I didn’t realize how much red food coloring was required, and the batter didn’t quite taste right so I kept adding someContinue reading “Red velvet mania”