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The cakes and creations seen on this site are just a general representation of a few things I can do. Many of the older pictures don’t do the baked goods any justice (non-flash cell phone cameras aren’t the best for making cupcakes look good) or photos were not taken of the cakes before consumption.  And unless otherwise noted in my posts, everything is made from scratch and I go through ridiculous amounts of butter and sugar during my baking marathons.

I’m completely willing to work with you to make small scale orders for any baked goods (for weddings and large orders, please contact me @ least 2 months in advance) and buttercream (some fondant, but no gum paste yet).  Just as an FYI: cupcakes start @ $3.50 and up depending on cake and frosting flavors, how elaborate the design, packaging, and delivery.  For cakes, just email or call me to get the brainstorming going and we’ll figure the price after picking all the fun stuff.

Feel free to reach me at or 646.808.4687 for any comments, inquiries, to place an order, get a re-up, or just to say hello.  You can also reach me on Facebook and follow my page  =) Because I am totally Type A about my personal website and all posts and pictures must be PERFECT pre-publishing (hence, the Christmas posts in summer shhhhhh) keep up to date on my baking/eating adventures in real time and get instant gratification on (duh) Instagram I even posted a video!

Credit: The nicer photos seen here are taken by my wonderful husband ( who thankfully has put up with my messes and hours spent in the kitchen. Vin’s camera > my cell phone pics.

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