Angel food cupcakes

Upon seeing a photo of the Pinkalicious cupcakes on facebook, a friend made a comment and said “I’d like to place an order for my birthday… about 2 dozen cupcakes sound good.” I thought she was joking, so I went along with it and said “Sure! What kind would you like and when?” A couple minutes later, I get a legit email request for 24 angel food cake cupcakes with chocolate frosting. My reaction: “OH!”

I’ve never made angel food cake before and always thought that it HAD to be made in those Bundt pans. One of the reasons I’ve never made angel food cake is that I was always worried about f*cking it up since the process is completely different than mixing regular cake batter. Plus, I didn’t own a Bundt pan, let alone mini Bundt molds for cupcake-sized cakes. So I told my friend that I’d experiment and cross my fingers that I could make a good angel food cake batter and that cupcakes would work. Lo and behold… the cupcakes were light and fluffy and not dried out and delicious! After icing them with the chocolate frosting (and making one special one with a rose on it), I packed them up in Tupperware containers and brought them into the city for my friend’s party. She didn’t try one right away so it made me antsy… what if she didn’t like it? What if they turned bad within the 2 days since I made them? This could ruin me before I even got my business cards printed! Luckily, my friend texted that everyone loved them AND her boss wanted to place an order. Phew! I think I may make this again and make a berry-lemon glaze next time… hopefully I’ll be just as successful!

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