Chocolate holiday cupcakes, part deux

It’s 4 am.  Why no, I haven’t slept yet.  This is the second night in a row I’ve been up past 2.  Part of me wonders if it’s worth it to even “nap” since I have to get up in about 90 minutes to get ready for work because I don’t feel that tired @ all…

Today’s order was for a friend’s Christmas party with her family.  I offered to make fancier flavor combinations, but my friend decided that she wanted chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and red and green holiday sprinkles, half of which would have raspberry icing filling.  Since my taste tester went to bed by midnight, I broke off a small piece of a cupcake and I have to say, I’ve outdone myself.  Really.  These ones taste even better than the ones I made on Saturday and they’re SUPER light and fluffy and chocolately and moist.  What can I say?  I completely amaze myself sometimes. =)

Honestly, this really shouldn’t have taken as long as it did because I had made the frosting in advance and the designs were relatively simple.  I think I just kept getting sidetracked trying to clean this in the midst of doing that.  And then I didn’t want to use Vin’s camera(s) without asking because… well, you just don’t come between a man and his camera settings, so I spent some time trying to take cell phone pics so please bear with the crappiness of the photos.  Oh wait… it was the sprinkle placement, too.  I was too meticulous in artistically hand dropping individual sprinkles at first (above: note the pure perfection of the mini cupcakes. See how each sprinkle is gently nestled in the creamy swoops and swirls of the frosting and how the red ball sprinkles are strategically cradled in the slightly-off center arrangement… I digress), and then finally it was like, “Oh my God it’s 3 am WTF.” And THEN, I had to make room in my fridge.  There are still cupcakes from this past weekend, leftover food, TONS of sauces and condiments taking up space, and the eggnog crème brûlée ramekins from last night’s late baking episode (I would have posted a shot of the nice caramel top, but I seem to have used all of my sugar for this evening’s cupcakes…  however, Vin had one and said it was great, so that’s a relief!)… somehow, I made room for it all.

 Anyway, I think I should get some shut eye.  My mixer is on vacation till next week; too bad the oven still has to work overtime.  I’m making another loaf of savory monkey bread for Christmas @ the T house.  Speaking of Christmas, I know you’re wondering, “Hmmm, what can I get Katherine?”  Well, fret no more.  You still have a couple days to get me something, and I could always use sugar, unsalted butter, and tasteless red food coloring.  Thank you in advance  <3   Of course, if you’re really busy with last minute Christmas things, I guess I’ll understand.  You can just make it up to me for my birthday in 3 weeks. hahaha

Merry Christmas everyone!

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