Bridal shower bash

M's gift box of pink, purple, and white cream cheese frosted cupcakes

One of my girlfriends from college is getting hitched next month to one of the most thoughtful guys I’ve ever met and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them!  And M has always been super supportive of my baking and has been waiting to try a cupcake, so her bridal shower was the perfect occasion to bring some nice baked goods as party favors.  Luckily there weren’t any objections from the maids of honor about red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

I fell a little behind schedule this week because of work, so I didn’t make the frosting until Thursday night and didn’t bake till Friday night.  (I had to leave for the shower on Saturday morning!)  I colored some of the frosting to be hot pink and purple, and personally I thought the color combination looked pretty nice with basic star piping.  However, the addition of gel color made the frosting liquidy (again, I REALLY have to look into some powdered coloring…) and I was so nervous and paranoid about the icing melting in this ridiculous heatwave that I watched my bag of mini cupcakes like a hawk on the LIRR.  Then once I got off the train, I had to carry my shopping bag upright and maneuver my way around airheaded beachgoers and silly tourists who liked to stop mid-stride in front of me (Penn station really brings out the best in me, if you can’t tell).  I was holding my bag of goodies like Golum… all shifty-eyed and jumpy and scowling @ people who wanted to knock into “my preciousssses” and finally made it outside to get a cab (yeah RIGHT I was going to take the subway with these!).  Luckily I didn’t have to wait long and the cabbie wasn’t stingy with the A/C, so I made it to the restaurant without any damage to the goods and I could cool it with the freaking out.  Not even one little bite-sized cupcakes flipped over or had its frosting smear.  Yay!

Display of mini red velvet cupcakes with ever-so-slightly melty cream cheese frosting (Deb, I totally swiped this photo from you! =)

I helped the maids of honor set up the mini cupcakes on the tables and gave the beautiful bride-to-be her own take home box of red velvet cupcakes with pink, purple and white cream cheese frosting.  The feedback from the table was that these were good, fluffy and not grossly sweet!  I was really happy everyone liked them, and most importantly, M liked her own personal box of cupcakes and said (via facebook) “your cupcakes were soo goood. 🙂 ♥”   Congrats again, J +M… love you guys and can’t wait for the wedding!!!

Set of mini red velvet and cream cheese cupcakes

Remind me to not carry baked goods between the months of June-September into Manhattan on the crappy LI train ever again.  It’s too much of a high blood pressure adventure and my little heart can’t take too much excitement.   haha (I’m not doing this unless you’re really really special to me and/or I’m delusional from heatstroke.)  Cross your fingers that this is the last summer I’ll be transporting cakes and frosting on the LIRR…   =P

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