When pigs fly…

Pig sprinkles atop a hot pink cloud of frosting

Labor Day weekend signifies the last weekend of summer, and most normal people spend it chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool being all lazy, but we were the anti-thesis of beach bum, BBQ-ing, beer guzzling couch potatoes.  We had just signed the papers to sell our house on Thursday, and we had people coming to view the house Friday.  I was let out of work a few hours early on Friday for the holiday and had originally planned on baking cupcakes and making frosting for Vin’s little niece’s 2nd birthday party, but I rushed home to re-organize some clutter @ home before the potential buyers came. (Cross your fingers!  They really liked the house!)  I was too pooped to even think about baking by the end of the night, so I woke up early on Saturday to do everything before the party @ 2.

Chocolate cupcakes with hot pink vanilla-raspberry icing and pig sprinkles

The theme for Penny’s birthday was pink pigs in honor of the petting zoo animals that were coming to her party.  I knew I wouldn’t have time to plan for and decorate an entire pig cake, so I promised cupcakes instead.  The birthday girl had asked for chocolate and hot pink, so chocolate cake and hot pink frosting she got.  Vin’s sister had requested about two dozen cupcakes, and the batch of cake batter I made was enough for 37 (perfect for exactly 3 dozen cupcakes for the party and 1 test one to cut up into tiny bites to analyze and eat).  I decided to turn the extras into “adult” cupcakes… not anything with genitalia shapes (if I did, I wouldn’t be posting pics!), but added some booze and caffeine  =)  I was like, “hmmm….” and whipped up some Kahlua-coffee-mocha frosting for the extra dozen; the icing was a little melty b/c of the liquor, but it tasted really good!  AND, to top it off,  I just so happened to have pig-shaped candy sprinkles for the cupcakes.  Tiny white pigs were carefully placed on the hot pink frosting and one little pink pig was put on the grown-up cupcakes.

Chocolate cupcakes with Kahlua-mocha frosting

Both versions of cupcakes were well-received; both kids and adults loved the pink frosted cupcakes, and I clearly didn’t make enough of the coffee-Kahlua ones.  Oh well.  Next time y’all should get in on that limited edition stuff faster.  Baked goods + booze = fun time for grown-ups @ children’s parties.  haha

Now it’s back to cleaning and sorting our junk… I’d love to be able to get rid of half of my things, but that’ll happen when pigs fly.  Sorry, I had to say it  =P

Happy birthday, Penny!

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