Domo-kun: "Otanjoubi omedetou!" *

*”Happy birthday” in Japanese

I had a fantastic birthday weekend… more like birthday WEEK.  Vin took me on a long-awaited, much needed vacation to Riviera Maya and we ate/drank/got crazy tan lines while everyone else was dealing with a snowstorm in the Northeast.  Then we come back to NY and had a whole smoked pig dinner with all the fixin’s.  Then we had a fancy steak dinner on my actual birthday with Vin’s family.  Then I had ice cream cake with my family the day after my birthday.  And I walked away with booze (thanks, Uncle Rob!) and gift cards to Bed Bath & Beyond, Michael’s and Williams Sonoma since everyone ganged up on me and felt like catering to my weakness for high-end liquor, baking supplies and kitchen gadgets.  hahaha  Seriously, I love the gifts… thanks so much, and thanks to Vin for putting up with all the birthday madness!  <3

I spent the last evening of my extended birthday festivities making my own cake. Last year Vin got me a little Domo monster stuffed toy.  I don’t know why, but I really really wanted one.  And I don’t know why I had the urge to make a double chocolate Domo-kun cake for myself for my birthday, but here it is.  It looked way cooler in my head and I felt like this was a little sloppy.  Then again, I DID start decorating around midnight and this wasn’t for a real order, so I admit I was a little lazy about this one.  And I didn’t mean for the cake to look this angry, but it did.  Oh well.  It tastes awesome.


I’m bringing this into work tomorrow to celebrate with co-workers since I didn’t have time to bake last Thursday night.  Plus, it just so happens that one of my co-workers has the same birthday as me and his desk just so happens to be right behind mine so maybe it wouldn’t be so weird bringing in a cake I made by myself for myself.  It’s not like we’re in 3rd grade and you have to bring in cupcakes to share with your entire class; I’m pushing 30 now.  haha

Turning 28 isn’t so bad…  especially since I had an awesome birthday and I still look like I’m 18  =P

**Sorry about the not-so-great photos.  Vin is asleep (as most people are apt to be @ 2:30 in the morning) so I didn’t ask him to take pics and I just couldn’t get a nice image =/

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