Quickie post: Lakers cupcakes


LA Lakers cupcakes (Excuse the smudge on the gold cupcake on the left... it was too big for its own good and the edge of the container hit it. Boo.)

One of my orders this past weekend was for LA Lakers-themed chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and player numbers in white fondant.  The frosting was a bit testy; cream cheese frosting is a little melty and soft to begin with, and the addition of food coloring made it a little more melty.  This whole good vs. evil battle I have with taste vs. texture of frosting is getting out of hand; I prefer it hard and stiff (twss) but I don’t want it to taste gross (another twss).  There may forever be imbalance in the Force since I tend to sacrifice consistency for taste b/c really… no one wants a mouthful of shortening or tongue-numbing amounts of sugar with their cake, no matter how good it looks.

Artest, Brown, Bynum, Barnes, Blake and Caracter in cupcake form

On the plus side, I think I’m getting used to working with fondant.  I rolled it out to the ideal thickness for the cupcakes and punched out the players’ numbers with cookie cutters.  However, I had plastic ones, which aren’t as sharp as metal cutters, so I spent some time smoothing out the edges and shaping the fondant numbers with one of the best all-purpose tools (a toothpick) to make them look super clean and perfectly cut.

Number 24 in all its glory

Anyway, this was what I came up with with the request given.  Since Mr. Bryant was the guy’s favorite, I put #24 on a cupcake with BOTH purple and gold frosting and gave it some sparkle with sugar crystals.  Kobe, you’re such a diva with all that bling.  =P

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