Un Petit Gateau

Basic chocolate-on-chocolate action cake with yellow fondant cut outs

My coworkers and I were throwing a surprise birthday party for the audit director and since it was a milestone event, I offered to make a small cake for our group.  I was told he liked chocolate, so double chocolate devil’s food cake with chocolate frosting it was.  I rolled out some fondant and punched out “HAPPY 40TH”, but did a not-so-great job placing it on the cake.  I should have just taken the time to make more frosting to pipe out “Happy birthday” like a sane person instead of driving myself nuts trying to place fondant letters and still doing a crap job of it.  Ugh.  I didn’t really put much into decorating the rest of the cake since the baking and frosting-making took some time, so I admit this wasn’t one of my best-looking pieces.  =(  Oh well.  What can you do in one short evening?

I brought this into work and my coworker and I bought candles for the cake.  (We also spent our lunch scouring the area for birthday presents.  FYI: if you’re looking for decent photo frames around Penn Station-Herald Square, your only option is KMart… which is absurd.)  Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a shot with all the candles lit up; as soon as the birthday guy got the cake, the candles were blown out and cake was immediately divvied and distributed.  Everyone said it was good, and the director had two pieces in the matter of minutes so I think it came out well.  haha 

Afterwards, we all went to a bar and met up with former AP IAD members, and Vin even came down to hang with my new coworkers.  It was a really good time.  I think I’m liking this job. =)

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