My beginnings are so humble (and cheap) that I’ve been getting by transporting my baked goods in Tupperware, old (but clean!) plastic takeout containers, heavy duty cake carriers (and being paranoid about having people break or lose them and the awkwardness that comes along with “Hey, umm… I need that carrier back, so… either eat your damn cupcakes right now so I’ll take it with me or please lug it back to me when you’re done”), and the best one so far: shoe boxes… which I completely cover with wax paper before a dab of icing or the smallest crumb even touches the box. (The shoe box used for today’s cupcakes was appropriately hot pink, black and white… to match my business card! How convenient!)

But I’m running low on takeout containers since I keep giving them away with the cakes, and I can only buy so many shoes. (I don’t think I can really use that excuse on my husband. “But baby, I needed to buy these boots because the box is the PERFECT size for my upcoming cake order!”) I realize I had to let go of the ghetto fabulousness at some point and get some legit bakery boxes, so after weeks of price shopping and meticulous, borderline-OCD measuring of all my mini cupcake/regular cupcake/mini cake/regular cake pans, I finally ordered some cupcake clamshell containers and cake boxes. And some hot pink, black and white ribbon. And some heavy duty bags in which to carry the cakes. And cupcake boxes that hold TWO cupcakes instead of half a dozen. And a couple other neat cake packaging things I couldn’t resist but hope to use in the foreseeable future. Yes, I searched for the best prices and set my budget and I’m hoping the reason I can’t sleep isn’t because I have anxiety due to buyer’s remorse. All I have to say is: let’s hope I actually get steady orders to make use all of this stuff and thank goodness for pantry storage space!

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