Tiramisu test run

I stayed up late last night to make tiramisu.  I felt like it was a half-assed effort and that I did not do right by my favorite dessert because… I didn’t use legit ladyfingers.  I resorted to using these gluten-free ladyfingers because the regular kind just did NOT exist at the supermarket.  Which is kind of insane since there are pizzerias and Italian restaurants every 2 blocks, and tiramisu is an Italian dessert… so you’d think that ladyfingers would be a common find.  Nope.  These organic, gluten-free cookies were way overpriced and taste like Styrofoam.  I still went through with making the egg-sugar-mascarpone filling and hand-shaved chocolate for the small Tupperware-sized trial run of my caffeine + booze-filled dessert. 

It ended up tasting better than it looked.  Vin actually liked it (SCORE when my non-sweet tooth husband likes a dessert other than creme brulee!) because the filling tasted great.  I’m glad I didn’t completely butcher this thing!  Next time, I’m going to make my own savoiardi* from scratch.  Tiramisu take two will be SO much better, I promise!

*biscuits à la cuillère or boudoirs or ladyfingers

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