Somewhere over the rainbow…


(I had technical issues with my hard drive so this post is a week late.  As they say on Spartacus, “Apologies!”) Vin’s brother hit a milestone birthday and I knew I HAD to make something better than last year’s cake.  At the same time, I was crrrraaaazyyy busy with work and other events so I needed to […]

Suuuuunny day… Sweepin’ the… clouds awayyyy…


Close up of the Sesame Street-themed cupcakes This is one insanely hectic month for me.  Looking @ my baking calendar, I think I’ll just schedule sleep for when I’m dead. Last weekend I was on vacation with some girlfriends (we were being patriotic and celebrating July 4th in PR) and I came back to busyness […]

Vin’s birthday steak cake


Happy birthday to my amazing husband!!!  We got this party started when I surprised Vin with a custom Intramural Zombie Hunting League shirt, complete with his nickname, fave number, and plenty of fake blood all over the tee.  It should be a staple in any respectable zombie enthusiast’s collection.  And I took him to a […]

Balls for Easter bunnies & a baby’s birthday


Cover of Real Simple magazine.  Just kidding. Vin’s just really good @ this photography thing <3 I have to warn you; there are “TWSS” situations coming up.  =D I’m sorry for the lack of new posts.  I’ve been out of commission for the past month+ due to medical issues. I’m pissed @ myself for missing […]

THE drum set cake.


To date, this is my masterpiece.  I was thinking of making a cake for Vin’s nephew’s birthday party, and since I know Jeremy prizes his drums and it’s his 10th birthday, I suggested making a cake that looked like his drum set.  I think I may have been on drugs at the time, thinking I […]

Domo-kun: "Otanjoubi omedetou!" *


*”Happy birthday” in Japanese I had a fantastic birthday weekend… more like birthday WEEK.  Vin took me on a long-awaited, much needed vacation to Riviera Maya and we ate/drank/got crazy tan lines while everyone else was dealing with a snowstorm in the Northeast.  Then we come back to NY and had a whole smoked pig […]

Checkerboard birthday cake


This is one way of killing two birds with one stone… giving your parents an awesome birthday present and giving me business @ the same time.  hahaha  My friend Danny wanted to order a birthday cake for his parents (what a sweet son he is!) and was open to any ideas. So I asked what […]

Bones & Blossoms & Boxes


I must have not been thinking straight last week because I took on a double order for Saturday.  During one of the most insane work weeks ever. While practically OD’ing on precautionary vitamins and supplements and even when I had the slightest tickle in my throat because I was surrounded by sniffling and sneezing and […]

Angel food cupcakes


Upon seeing a photo of the Pinkalicious cupcakes on facebook, a friend made a comment and said “I’d like to place an order for my birthday… about 2 dozen cupcakes sound good.” I thought she was joking, so I went along with it and said “Sure! What kind would you like and when?” A couple […]

My sister’s birthday


My sister turned 24 this year. She is my confidante, my partner in crime, and yet she somehow keeps my head from floating off into the clouds. Sometimes she acts like the responsible, levelheaded big sister… and then she’ll suddenly say some ridiculously airheaded comment that makes me crack up with an uncontrollable “BWAHAHAHAHAAAAaaaaa” laugh. […]